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the trials of galileo

"'Proof' denies faith, and without faith we are nothing. The universe is a divine miracle, Galileo, not a clockwork toy." Pope Urban (1624) In this reprimand by Pope Urban is Galileo's tragedy, a mistaken belief that if he supplied the church with proof, he would enlighten the world while escaping persecution.


1610: Galileo looks up to the Heavens, and through his telescope finds incontrovertible proof that the planets revolve around the sun, in direct opposition to the teaching of the Church, that the Earth is the centre of the Universe.


1634: Galileo is ordered to stand trial before the Grand Inquisitor on charges of heresy.


Galileo never understood his differences with the Church were not about reason, logic, and scientific fact. They were about politics. When he finally came to realise this, it was too late.


Written & directed by Nic Young, starring Tim Hardy.  


“This play is a must see at this year’s Fringe Festival, the attention to detail, superb research and writing, and Tim Hardy’s excellent embodiment of Galileo, it is the history play choice of the fringe!”  ★★★★★ North West End UK


“From the moment that Hardy delivers the first line we know we are in the hands of a consummate performer.” *Outstanding* Fringe Review


“Tim Hardy is never less than excellent” ★★★★ Bouquets & Brickbats


“Tim Hardy is a marvel in this period piece”★★★★  The Mumble


“Hardy feels as though he is born to play Galileo.” ★★★★ Broadway World


Winner of the Best Actor Award for his role as Galileo at the 2022 Buxton Fringe. The production has been nominated for a 2023 OffFest Award.


Ticket information:

Performance dates: Tuesday 28th November - Saturday 2nd December

Performance time:   7.30pm    (2.30pm Saturday Matinee) 

Running time: 70 minutes 

Tickets:  £15  /  £12



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