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The Old Red Lion Theatre programmes full production runs of between 3 to 4 weeks, as well as Sunday/Monday shows and the occasional shorter run. For longer runs, we tend to programme up to 6 months in advance, sometimes longer, as it can often be necessary to enable companies to raise the full budget of their production.

Please be aware that we prioritise proposals from companies and artists who are seeking programming for full 3 to 4 weeks runs of their production. We aim to respond to all artists within 2 months of the original submission of their play/production proposal.

We are particularly interested in challenging, new work and ambitious revivals of significant plays from the past, which reflect important new perspectives on our current society and that the UK stage may not have seen for some time.


As most artists are acutely aware, Off West-End and Fringe theatres including the Old Red Lion are facing some of the toughest artistic and economic barriers the UK theatre industry has experienced in recent history.

Before submitting your play, please therefore take note that we regrettably only have the resources to accept submissions for plays and productions which either:

  • Already have a Producer attached to the production.
  • And/or already have some funding confirmed.

We unfortunately do not have the internal resources to offer feedback on any unsolicited scripts which are sent to us, so please therefore do not submit your play or production proposal should you not have a Producer, or some degree of funding, already confirmed. 

Should you contact us without detailing whether your play already has a producer or some degree of funding already confirmed, it is unlikely you will receive a response from us. 

Please do bear in mind that we cannot meet with artists prospectively. We need to see some of your work first, and will approach you for a meeting if we are interested in developing a relationship. Therefore, if you have a full production, rehearsed reading, scratch performance, festival or other public platform of your work that you would like us to see, please do send us an invitation using the details on our Contact Us page. If the project is of interest to the ORL, then either the Artistic Director or the Senior Dramaturg will do their very best to attend. Please note that we do not have the resources to offer any feedback on your production.

Should you not have a producer or degree of funding confirmed, we would recommend attending one of our other opportunities such as our frequent networking events or workshops, which we deliver with the specific aim of helping artists reach those who can support the production of their work. These will be listed on our What's On page as and when the events are organised.

You’ll find all the information you need about submitting a production proposal to us in the Old Red Lion Theatre's 'Submissions and Programming' policy, which can be downloaded through clicking the button below. Once you have read our Programming Policy, please use the form below to submit a production to us for consideration.


Download Here

Submit a Production Proposal

If you would like to submit a production proposal to The Old Red Lion Theatre for consideration, please complete the form below and we will respond to you as soon as we can, should the information you have provided align with our programming policy (see above).

We regret that due to limited internal resources, we are only able to accept submissions for productions that have either a producer attached or some degree of funding already confirmed.
If not applicable, please write: N/A
If not applicable, please write: N/A
If the Producer is the individual completing this form and the information is the same as above, please write: Same as Above
We regret that due to limited internal resources, we are only able to accept submissions from artists or companies who already have either a producer attached to their production or some degree of funding already confirmed.
Please tell us how much funding your production has already confirmed. If not applicable, please write: N/A
If not applicable, please write: N/A
Please see our 'Submissions and Programming Policy' for more details of what we accept.
This could be reviews from previous work, details of awards won by you or your company etc.

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