The Rain Title

the rain

It’s been raining for days.

Once again the world has flooded but this time there is no Noah’s Arch. 

Nathan and his neighbour’s cat Clarice, who Nathan hates with passion, are seeking shelter in an abandoned barn.

And then Anna arrives.

They have never met before, or at least that is what they think at first. 

But they have met before. Anna is his classmate’s big sister who he hasn’t seen since he was eight.


As the night unfolds they share stories, talk about their dreams and fears, their past and their uncertain future…

And then there is Clarice. 


This is a bittersweet and slightly comical story about the end of the world, belonging, and a cat. 

It is about the stories we tell about ourselves, the stories we need to share with others, and the stories that shape us. 

After all a story is all that is left of us once we are gone. 

Unless, of course, we are the last humans on earth. 



Creative team:

Writer - Laima Helena Vanaga

Director - Nadia Khivrych



Nathan - Benedict Esdale

Anna - Laima Helena Vanaga

ticket information

Performance dates: Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th February 2024

Tickets: £12

Time: 8.30pm

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