Tea Leaves Title

Tea Leaves

‘I’ve never seen plants like these. These memories, so beautifully kept. True moments in time.’

With only his most treasured memories for company, agoraphobic Taro is stuck in the past. 

A parallel universe where memories of those you once knew are at the tip of your fingers, Claudia Fielding’s debut play Tea Leaves follows Taro's journey in accepting grief, regret and connection. 


The arrival of a new government inspector, Daphne pushes him to his limit, and she’s hoping to spark the beginnings of change.    

Taro is deep inside his jungle, what will it take for him to find his way out?


‘It’s easy to stay in the past. The seasons change just the same.’


Written by Claudia Fielding.

Directed by Anna Rastelli.


ticket information

Performance Dates: Thursday 8th - Saturday 10th February 2024

Time: 7pm

Tickets: £13 / £10



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