Squatting Title


Floods. Rage. Drugs. Love. An apocalyptic slow dance and the end of the UK.

Up on the 7th floor of an East End tower block, above the homeless and the rubbish, Archie, Jay and Rez do the only thing anyone can do these days, try to survive. Driven to the safety of London after their hometown was washed away in the great floods, Archie and Jay find refuge in the volatile Rez and his abandoned skyscraper. Welcomed in at gunpoint the boys find the life that was promised to them has been painfully swept away and they must quickly adapt to the life of squatting in 2049. But when the water is rising which will break first, the dam, or their spirits.

Squatting is a new play by Andrew Mapperley examining themes of friendship, community, resilience, and the loss of a dream in the wake of the climate crisis. The piece explores a bleak depiction of what our world could look like in 30 years’ time and asks the audience to consider the best way to prevent it. Using physical theatre the play aims to transport the audience to the dingy abandoned flats and chaotic world of “Squatting”

This is a Work in Progress performance with the aim to receive feedback from the audience after the show, either written or verbally so as to improve the show into a finalised script.


Ticket information:

Performance dates: 7th & 8th May 

Performance time:  7.30pm  

Tickets: £6



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