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Snakes & Ladders is a losing game

Sarah can't escape her small-town life, or her dysfunctional relationship with partner Alice, with whom she's just started couple's counselling where they've been given a new board game each week to play together. Except they can't stand each other, so Sarah's best friend (and ex boyfriend), has stepped in to the play the games. Each week we see Sarah and Jack playing a different game/solving a different puzzle, and learning about love, sex, and money along the way.

Snakes and Ladders is a Losing Game is about the complexities of adult relationships, the conflict between home and away, and the joy and pain in games of various types. The play also addresses queerness, capitalism, and chimney sweeps all while centring an intelligent, confident West Country voice. Writer - Benedict Esdale

Cast - River Norris & Casey Taylor-Williams


ticket information

Performance dates: Thursday 22nd - Saturday 24th February 2024

Tickdts: £14 / £12

Time: 7pm 


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