Second Life

Second Life

“And that’s the reality of thrifting. It’s like gambling. But with clothes. Gambling in a moment of time, with clothing that you don’t need because, if you need underwear, like, everyone knows you can buy a four-pack from M&S…”


Agnes volunteers at Cancer Research.

Poppy’s not sure whether she’s going out.

Simon’s cat-sitting.


When 3 strangers buy vintage clothes, they end up getting more than any of them bargained for…


Heather Collier’s 'Second Life' is an ecofeminist thriller about vintage clothing, exploring grief, trauma and the possibility of redemption, brought to life by a fusion of dance theatre, ensemble and dark comedy.


This is the explosive debut R&D production from Cathartic Party a London/East-Anglian based theatre company founded on the belief that theatre is the cathartic party which everyone is invited to.  


Writer/Director: Heather Collier

Movement Director: Chris Vasiliady

Stage Manager: Sharif Khalid


Trigger Warnings:

-          Strong Language

-          Grief/Loss/Death


Age Rating: 16+


Ticket information:

Performance dates: Tuesday 29th August - Saturday 2nd September

Performance time: 7.30pm /2.30pm Matinee 

Running time: 2 Hours (with interval) 

Tickets: £15 / £12 (£10 Preview) 




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