500 x 150

Not Even the dogs

When you’re watching us dance, see us dancing. And when you’re listening, hear us sing”.

The Counterminers presents "Not Even The Dogs" written by Josh Baumring-Gledhill and Josh Myers.

Amongst the desolate and decaying city of Warsaw, once the Jewish world’s epicentre of learning, art and culture, Emanuel Ringelblum takes a stand. Together with the city’s Jewish academics, he will create the Oyneg Shabes archive, and try to ensure the survival of the Jewish people and their collective, diverse, beautiful voice.

As the walls of the Ghetto close in and its population dissolves, what will the archive become? A distant memory of a forgotten people? Or the last whisper of Jewish dances, poetry, songs; the final ember of Ringelblum’s ancient people?



Executive Producer: Lew Forman for The Counterminers

Producer: Ella McQueen  

Director: Josh Baumring-Gledhill

Assistant Director: Josh Myers


Ticket information:

Performance dates: 16th - 20th January 

Performance time:  7.30pm   (2.30pm Matinee - 20th January) 

Previews: £13/ £11 (16th January) 

Tickets: £15 / £13 



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