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Ireland, 1923, Civil war has torn families and lives asunder. The story of “Magpie” unfolds within the
confines of Kilmainham Gaol, where Michael awaits execution for his involvement in the IRA. His
conscience tortured by the ghosts of his past and the echoes of the WW1 trenches.

In a poignant twist Patrick, Michael’s brother, is serving as a prison guard at the Gaol and has taken
it upon himself to watch over his younger brother. A veteran of the Rising, he considers himself a
true patriot and cannot understand why Michael has sacrificed himself for a seemingly won cause.
As the play develops, can they bridge the gap of their longstanding differences?

“Magpie” probes the complexities of loyalty, delving into the intersections between the familial and
national allegiances. Grappling with the questions of nationalism, the futility of sacrifice,
permanence of death and the weight of regret.

Unveiled a century on from the historical events of the play, “Magpie” resonates powerfully in
today’s volatile times of war and conflict. Prompting audiences to reflect on its enduring themes, as
relevant today as they were a century ago.



Andrew Cusack 

Johnjoe Irwin

Ronan Colfer


Directed by:

Ronan Colfer


Sound & Lighting Design: 

Ciaran McIntyre 


Written by: 

Andrew Cusack


ticket information

Performance Dates: Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th February 2024

Tickets: £15 / £13

Time: 8.30pm



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