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Long long long live 

We are Dangerosity, a critically acclaimed theatre company of writers, actors, directors and producers. We've just been nominated for the Brighton Encore Award for our show 'Three' and now we are making our Edinburgh Fringe debut this summer with our brand new show Long Long Long Live.


We invite you to watch the preview of our raw, honest and unfiltered tragicomedy. A somewhat parody of the hypocrisy of human beings in today’s society. Rewind to the 19th September 2022, when our show takes place. While nearly 200 million British pounds were spent on the Queen’s funeral, the UK was approaching its highest level of inflation in the last four decades. 

We want to laugh, cry and scream about the cost of living with you before we’re all dead. New writing. New creatives. New perspective. A sincere reflection of our own experiences


The show was born from our own frustrations, we thought that a good way to face our fears was making a show about them, why not right? The aim of our play is to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. We make work that makes you forget about who's picking up the kids and what to have for dinner. Post Covid UK is crying out for writing that doesn't leave space for a passive audience. Come join us!


Ticket information:

Performance date: Wednesday 2nd August

Performance time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £14/£12 


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