feb face

February Face

Lily: I think I’m in love with you

Ed (Beat) What?

Lily: I love you

Ed: You do?

Lily: Yeah

Ed: (Beat) Why?


Dating in your twenties is hard enough, then the panic attacks start. February Face is a dark romantic comedy about Ed and Lily falling in love. A classic 21st Century romance. One has anxiety and the other, depression. But that doesn't matter where their attraction is concerned.

Or does it?

Intrusive thoughts say otherwise...


Written by Keelan Kember

Directed by Monica Cox

Produced by Ross Chandler


Praise for the writer:

"His quick-wit is peppered throughout, combining both over-the-top farcical style gages alongside subtle one-liners... makes for an enjoyable watch" (Review Hub, 'Coffee, Ten Sugars')


Warning: This production contains Very Strong Lanaguage, Explicit References to Suicide & Open Discussion of Ill Mental Health

Ticket information:

Performance dates: 14th - 18th November

Performance time:   7.30pm 

Running time: 70 minutes 

Tickets: £17 / £15



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