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"Every woman is a killer. You just haven't met the right guy yet."

Lily is fiercely loyal to the women in her life; her mum and friends are everything to her. When she hears one too many stories of male violence she decides to take matters into her own hands. Fuelled by anger at her own painful past and a frustration with her own helplessness, she seeks deadly revenge amongst the entitled abusers of south London. But the path of righteousness is rocky, and despite the thrill of revenge and spilling blood, she risks everything she holds dear. This one-woman show is an angry, darkly funny, and surreal imagining of a brutal alternative to our casually woman-hating culture.


Written & Performed by Gabrielle Beasley.


ticket information

Performance Dates: Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th February 2024

Tickets: £10

Time: 7pm



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