Anything But Chardonnay Title

Anything but chardonnay 

“Then delete the app, wait till you meet someone in person.”

“But then I might never have sex again.” 

Han, an anxious and unsuccessful actor, finds herself frustrated with her inability to make romantic connections, until her sister, Róisín, a short-tempered recluse, challenges her to embark upon a carefully strategised Hot Girl Summer (in Autumn) in an attempt to increase her chances of meeting someone. Navigating her way through hilariously bad dates, childhood trauma, abandonment issues, too many DJs and not nearly enough chardonnay, Han finally meets someone she likes, although she soon starts wishing she hadn’t.


Written by Lydia Doyle. 

ticket information

Performance dates: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February 2024

Tickets: £14 / £12

Time: 8.30pm

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