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One day the world wakes up just knowing that soulmates exist. Not only that, but the lucky ones also know exactly where to find theirs. They have a tugging feeling in their chest that, if followed, will take them straight to the person who is the most well suited to them, the most compatible, and most likely to make them happy.

Erin and Adrian are happily married when Johan arrives on their doorstep. He is Erin's soulmate. Neither Adrian or Erin know quite what to do with him.

The three depart on a road trip to find Adrian's soulmate - the trouble is: he's not sure where to start.

An upbeat but bittersweet sci-fi adjacent black comedy about fate, romance, empathy and the ways we're taught to think about love.

“A challenging and provocative look into the complexities of relationships, turning convention on its head.” Anne Waggot, Scene One

"It’s funny, and human, and pulls you in." - Jo Fisher Writes

“One of the finest pieces of theatre I’ve had the good fortune to see”Audience Review




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