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‘When is the right time to start living on your own terms?

‘Diversifications’ is a female centric play, about three women who meet in the waiting room to receive the results of their genetic testing. With emotions running high and the clock ticking, they share their most intimate thoughts and yearnings and soon realise that each of them have something the other one craves: children, career, freedom. Three women. Three generations. Same desire: change.

By the end of their encounter, they decide to walk out of the clinic without getting the results. Playing ‘genetic roulette’, they start living by new rules and follow their dreams. However, their decision has dire consequences. A year after they have passed, their husbands / partners meet to try and understand the logic behind that spontaneous, yet fatal decision.

The play, full of ‘laugh out loud’ moments, is structured as a 'back and forth' of opinions: male versus female perspective on marriage, love and parenthood. This is a heartwarming story about tough life choices, love and forgiveness. A highly emotive piece, it is peppered with humour and a deep understanding of humans and their complicated relationships.


 "What I enjoyed the most about the show was that in spite of some serious topics explored, it was full of humour and brilliant comedic moments.Martin Malcolm, Playwright 


"I thought this was incredible. Absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see it on stage. You’ve packed in so many themes…that was phenomenal. There is something for everybody here. It resonated on so many levels" Bona Orakwue, TV Producer


"I liked how the whole interaction between men and women and between past and present was so seamless. The dialogue was so genuine and emotive, I was engaged all the way through. It was an excellent piece, I really enjoyed it." Peter Revel-Walsh, Actor


Creative Team

Writer : Natalie Ekberg

Director : Jess Barton

Producer : Kaara Benstead

Set Designer : Constance Villemot

Lighting Designer : Beth Bains



Kaara Benstead

Jermaine Dominique

Alvaro Flores

Sariya Steyl

Janine Wood

Nick Morrison Baker


Running Time: 75 mins


Ticket information:

Performance dates:  Tuesday 14th June - Saturday 2nd July 

Performance times: 7.30pm 

Matinées Saturday 18th June 2pm, Tuesday 21st June 2pm, Saturday 25th June 2pm, Tuesday 28th June 2pm, Saturday 2nd July 2pm.

Ticket prices: Full price - £16 / Concessions £14


   There will be a Q&A after Tuesday 28th June Matinée. This will be included in the price of the  ticket.


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