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Can'T Wait to leave

Meet Ryan. Nineteen (but young for his age). School drop-out (but smart). Turkey-sandwich enthusiast (365 days a year). Absolute stunner (no addendum). He's new in town, and all he wants to do is check out. The hard part is coming up with an exit plan. When the one person he thought he could rely on ups and leaves, Ryan finds himself adrift in a city he still hasn’t learned to like, looking for direction. Six months to kill, no money, no rules… surely this is the worst possible time to be alone?


Taking place inside a hospital waiting room, Can't Wait To Leave is told by Ryan - battered, bruised, bisexual, and entirely alone - as he reflects on the course his life has taken over the last six months following the sudden departure of the older brother he always hero-worshipped.


Can't Wait To Leave had its world premiere in February and received overwhelmingly strong reviews, with praise directed at the play's humour, staging, and deft handling of challenging topics. Fierce, razor-sharp, and uncompromisingly honest, this revolutionary solo show explores themes of displacement, substance abuse, and sexual identity.


"Excellent... will definitely resonate" 




"Superbly written and performed"




"A very strong debut"


Theatre and Tonic


Ticket information:

Performance dates: Thursday 27th July

Performance time: 7.30 pm 

Tickets: £10


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