vinegar and brown paper

vinegar & Brown Paper

In 1868, Charles Dickens sits down opposite Kate, a twelve-year-old American girl, on a New England train. She is sassy and tells the most famous man of the age that she skips the boring bits in his books. It is not the usual fawning appreciation he is used to, but he is captivated by her direct openness and her stories of life in small-town Maine.

As past, present and future unwind in the railway carriage, Kate’s life emerges as one where good fortune and death are sealed by accidents of fate - a Dickensian tale. Vinegar and Brown Paper is a new, but true Dickens story, created not from his pen, but by the effect on another of a chance meeting with him on a train.

Written by Richard Fitchett

Directed by Kevin Russell 


Members of The Dickens Fellowship will take part in a Q&A after the performance on Wednesday 6th December. 


Previous shows:

★★★★★ ‘This crisp new work about AI is definitely A1… a pleasing Black Mirror vibe to Richard Fitchett’s sharply written piece.’ (Spy in the Stalls)
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‘Subtly written, with a great understanding of human nature… There are any number of very funny and witty lines… theatre that doesn’t hammer us over the head with the obvious, but which uses humour to seduce us. Strat Mastoris (Brighton Review)


Ticket information:

Performance dates: Tuesday 5th - Saturday 9th December

Performance time:   7.30pm    

Run Time: 85 Minutes (no interval) 

Tickets:  £15  /  £12



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