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Last Orders - London Horror Festival

8th Oct 2019 - 26th Oct 2019

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the knock knock club presents

last orders

the haunting of the old red lion


They say this place is haunted.
Very haunted.
So we decided to see for ourselves.

Since 1415 The Old Red Lion has welcomed countless visitors through its doors, and some never left.
So we stayed overnight, turned on our cameras, pointed our microphones into the dark and asked 'who's there?'

In 'Last Orders' we present our findings - from the uncanny to the unnatural to the unexplainable - as more than 600 years of history clamours to be heard.


Combining traditional techniques like in-depth archival research and interviews with staff members past and present [including landlord Damien Devine, current artistic director Katy Danbury, and former AD Stewart Pringle], with the more outlandish - an overnight ghost hunt with professional paranormal investigators, and a séance - The Knock Knock Club have begun to knit together a colourful and chequered history of what is often alleged to be
London's oldest public house. 


Such an incredible and rowdy history has obviously birthed stories of myriad hauntings. The Knock Knock Club have been chasing whether these stories are more than just excitable gossip shared over a late-night pint with a mix of enthusiasm, cynicism, and derring-do.

In June this year they, along with longtime ghost hunter Laura Goff and her team at Twilight Ghost Hunts, conducted an overnight haunt in the building - theatre, pub, and cellar. Armed with a plethora of equipment and techniques, from the analogue [planchettes, automatic-writing, Ouija boards, mirror-scrying] to the more cutting- edge [spirit boxes, laser grids, temperature guns, and night-vision cameras], they set out to communicate with - and maybe even capture evidence of - any phenomena that could be classed as 'paranormal'. The data they collected - the things they saw and heard and experienced that night - proved every bit as strange and divisive as they could've hoped. 


This October they will unveil their research in their production of Last Orders: The Haunting of the Old Red Lion, with a healthy dose of theatricality. It promises to be a thrilling and fascinating show for true believers and dedicated doubters alike - that is, if you dare to join them... 

Warning: participation in our final experiment is at volunteers' own risk.



The Knock Knock Club are a new company who make the venue they are performing in the star of the show, specifically venues which are reportedly haunted. Researching their history and folklore they create terrifying and true theatre.



Playing as part of the London Horror Festival 2019



Suitable for ages: 15+

Trigger warnings: Features communication with the beyond

Warning: Features smoke and flashing lights

Running time: 70 minutes (no interval)



Tuesday 8th - Saturday 26th October 2019
Tuesday - Saturday 7.45pm
Saturday & Sunday matinees 2.30pm
Thursday 17th matinee 2.30pm

tickets £14

For further ticket information please click here or call 0333 012 4963 for all booking enquiries. 


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