Draft 23 title

Draft 23

A new play by Sunny Poppy

‘Maybe it was on Thursday’

‘What? When was that?’

‘Not sure, it just felt familiar in my mouth’

Angel and Ray are stuck. Their flat is a mess.

They can’t find the main character, and the play can’t end until they do.

Set in a dreamlike flat somewhere in Croydon Draft 23, explores identity, intimacy, and relationships, as Ray and Angel play endless trivial word games trying to work out who they are and what they are waiting for. The strange silhouette of their main character looms large, appearing to be the solution to all their problems. But is it? What if they never return? Through performance after performance of performance, Ray and Angel attempt to grasp onto someone or something that might unite them in the real, surreal and fictitious. A new play by Sunny Poppy.

Directed by Sunny Poppy & Charlie Froy.

Scenography by Miel Celeste.

Performed by Charlie Froy & Aurelia Ca'Zorzi.


ticket information

Performance Dates: 5th & 6th May 2024 (7.30pm) 

Run Time: 95 minutes plus interval

Tickets: £10 





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