Bones Bones

Bones bones


Erica and Carl are a black couple who have failed at their last attempt at IVF and are gifted a child under mysterious circumstances. Not only is their child white, which becomes the subject of speculation, scandal and gossip in their affluent North London Neighbourhood, but they are also a strange teenager who likes to be by themself and has a special way with animals.

As Karel grows up, their behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre and worrying, and unsettling things start to happen at home and at school. When Karel is involved in a serious incident, the school launches an investigation that pits the parents against each other and divides the neighbourhood.

In a conversation with a therapist, the brilliant young psychiatrist Dr. Collier, who along with her eccentric mentor Dr. Mayberry, specialise in unusual cases - their mother, Erica, describes the pain and the horror of discovering her child's true nature.


BONES BONES is a tense, thrilling modern gothic horror written by Rachel Daphne Oneale and directed by Rebecca Culverhouse that explores race, parenthood, the harsh truths we have to face, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child.



ticket information

Performance dates: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th february 2024

Times: 7pm

Tickets: £10




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