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Larkin with women

My success has been built on failure.  It’s only as a failure that I’ve been a success”

Meet Philip Larkin.

Arguably, Britain’s greatest poet of the 20th century.  Certainly, a highly complex and controversial figure.  In this, his centenary year, Larkin divides opinion more than ever.  A literary lion to some, an unforgiveable bigot to others.  To Larkin, his life was a failure, but his work is still largely acclaimed a triumph.  Can you loathe the man and admire the work?  Somehow, three strong, intelligent, independent women seemed to love both.

‘Larkin with Women’, Ben Brown’s award-winning play, is a provocative, funny and moving exposé of the last thirty years of Larkin’s life - dominated by his relationships, and often simultaneous affairs, with a trio of very different women.  The Bard of Humberside was also a most unlikely Don Juan in Hull.  Despite everything – the cynicism, selfishness and drink-sodden depression - all three stayed loyal until the bitter end.  And for the most surprising of reasons…

This powerhouse production from five-star company Strut & Fret sits at the heart of the official ‘Larkin100’ programme.  Commemorating his centenary, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the enigma of Philip Larkin - as writer, lover and human being.

With Annabel Miller, Lynne Harrison, Mia Skytte & Daniel Wain

Directed by John Gilbert & Jenny Hobson

Designed by Junis Olmscheid

Lighting design by Richard Evans & Sound design by Harry Jacobs


Ticket information:

Performance dates: August 31st - Sepember 17th

Performance time: 7.30 pm (Tuesday - Saturday)

                                 Matinees Wednesday 14th and Saturdays at 2.30pm

Tickets: 19.50 / £16.50 concessions

           Reduced price preview on Wednesday 31st August  & Thursday 1 September : £16.50 / £15.00

Special Guest Panel Discussion with Q&A

With Ben Brown, Rosie Millard & Daniel Wain

Following the 2.30pm matinee on Wednesday 14th SeptemberDaniel Wain (who plays Larkin) will be joined by award-winning Ben Brown (the writer of ‘Larkin With Women’) and Rosie Millard OBE (President of the Philip Larkin Society and formerly Chair of Hull City of Culture).  They will discuss Philip Larkin’s life and legacy, his works and ‘his women’, and how his reputation has fluctuated over the years.  Most importantly though the focus will be on the three strong, intelligent and independent women with whom he spent the last thirty years of his life: the subject of Brown’s play.  If we’re lucky, some of the actors playing Monica, Maeve & Betty may well join us…

This special event will be free to those with a ticket for the Wednesday 14th matinee performance.  Do join us too!



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