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My success has been built on failure.  It’s only as a failure that I’ve been a success”

Meet Philip Larkin.

Arguably, Britain’s greatest poet of the 20th century.  Certainly, a highly complex and controversial figure.  In this, his centenary year, Larkin divides opinion more than ever.  A literary lion to some, an unforgiveable bigot to others.  To Larkin, his life was a failure, but his work is still largely acclaimed a triumph.  Can you loathe the man and admire the work?  Somehow, three strong, intelligent, independent women seemed to love both.

‘Larkin with Women’, Ben Brown’s award-winning play, is a provocative, funny and moving exposé of the last thirty years of Larkin’s life - dominated by his relationships, and often simultaneous affairs, with a trio of very different women.  The Bard of Humberside was also a most unlikely Don Juan in Hull.  Despite everything – the cynicism, selfishness and drink-sodden depression - all three stayed loyal until the bitter end.  And for the most surprising of reasons…

This powerhouse production from five-star company Strut & Fret sits at the heart of the official ‘Larkin100’ programme.  Commemorating his centenary, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate the enigma of Philip Larkin - as writer, lover and human being.

Ticket information:

Performance dates: August 31st - Sepember 17th

Performance time: 7.30 pm (Tuesday - Saturday)

                                 Matinees Wednesday 14th and Saturdays at 2.30pm

Tickets: 19.50 / £16.50 concessions

           Reduced price preview on Wednesday 31st August  & Thurday 1 September : £16.50 / £15.00



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