The Wall

Here at the Old Red Lion, we've put together a brilliant space for the exhibition of art and other creative things - we're calling it the wall. In October 2014 we hung a 'theatre-style' lighting rack above the wall to shower it in glorious golden rays - this way, you'll all be better able to marvel at the wonders on show. We're looking forward to bringing you a rotation of fabulous artists, themes and images over the coming months - so check in here at the website for what's coming up on display.

Come and view our illustrated timeline of the tumultuous history of one of London's oldest boozers. From the days of Hogarth's 'Beer Street' through the birth of the British Communist Party, the Old Red Lion has played a vital part in the major events of the past six hundred years.

For more from The Illustrated Game please visit their website here, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. You can also look at other work from Alice Devine by visiting her website here.

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