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Introducing aBode - the market leader in home assistance. Always losing your bloody keys? Not to worry - your aBode controls all the locks in your house. How convenient! Hate having to carry around a lump of metal in your pocket just to access the internet? Let your aBode show you the content you’ll enjoy, based on your very own preferences! Struggling to remember to buy food when you run out? Let your aBode curate your entire diet for you! After all, with twenty four hour surveillance, unlimited access to all online information, and an up to the minute database of all your vital signs, aBode really does know best. aBode: Intelligent Intelligence.


In a flatshare in North London, two women live together with an aBode - the best home assistant on the market. Enoch a chipper, new age, vegan embraces this new technology with open arms. She is a champion of artificial intelligence improving our quality of life and saving the climate. Sharing the flat with her is Jess, a masters student of Cyborg Anthropology. She has become wary of the oncoming wave of sentient tech, and is researching how to prevent its seemingly inevitable takeover. When Enoch falls ill, Jess reluctantly counts on the aBode to help save her - but the aBode has stopped cooperating and seems to be working against her. Jess needs to figure out why this is happening, and more importantly, how to stop it. The aBode has been built to survive - but so have we.


A thrilling new play from Ragaire Theatre Company.



Sunday 26th - Monday 27th August 2018 at 7.45pm



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