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'There’s a misconception that Antarctica is vast, white, and silent. No one expects the noise. No one expects the constant heave and boom of the ice. Or the keening seals. Or the other, unaccountable noises – the ones that stop you sleeping.’


A researcher travels south to Antarctica, the only continent without a native population. It is a place visited by research missions and the occasional high-end tourist, and haunted by the remains of ill-fated expeditions. She has come looking for a team of scientists who are reaching far into the unknown – and perhaps the unthinkable. It is 200 years since the publication of Frankenstein, the ice is thawing, and science is still dancing with the problem of death. 


Mary Shelley’s novel is revivified in this contemporary retelling. In this one woman show, a new story will be told and the oldest of fears will come to the surface. Some things are easier to account for than others. This performance will be a reconstruction.



I Swear I Saw This is a new company with backgrounds in theatre, music, and documentary work. This show has been developed with the support of IF Festival of Science and Ideas and the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford.



Saturday 3rd November at 3.00pm



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