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the egg rumour 


"A contract, more hours and no maternity leave, means you can get the women for as long as you need"


A comedy musical about new work perk, Egg Freezing! Ladies, you can freeze your eggs, work up the ladder, find the right man & forget about having kids for a few years! 


The Egg Rumour follows a small company who gives Iva, a young woman, an incredible promotion to the top. Unsure of what is right for her, and with constant pressures of day to day life, she takes it. But what about her work perk? With technology moving at a faster pace than our biological clocks are prepared for, can we fit all of our eggs in one basket?


Written by Ellamae Cieslik and Directed by Michael Powell.



"The play was incredibly well-researched and presented a sincerely funny, highly critical if not scathing look at egg freezing as a work perk..." - BioNews


"The performances are fresh, crisp and confident, with the whole company blending extremely well together" - Love Midlands Theatre


"...well presented in the problematic context of neoliberal feminism alongside equally dubious discourses of empowerment, choice and reproductive liberation" - Dr Kylie Baldwin.


"The Brew Makers approach the theme of femininity in a way that is both contemporary and unique" - Matthew Cleverly 


"...anyone who did not see the performance missed an entertaining hour that was both comic, emotional and thought-provoking – a play that particularly resonates in the current #metoo and equal pay debate climate". - Love Midlands Theatre



Monday 20th August 2018 at 7.30pm



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