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‘Satan works in mysterious ways… like, even more mysterious than God, because he’s evil.’


Abi is a budding comedienne, but it’s tough to make it to gigs when you suffer with agoraphobia. She’s also developed a strange new ‘illness’; the symptoms include nausea, speaking in tongues and violent outbursts. Lloyd is your everyday clean-cut, straight-laced Cult leader who just can’t seem to attract any followers. In the midnight hours, Lloyd releases a secret alter-ego who is equal parts evil… and fabulous. One night a mysterious stranger arrives – is he the Satanic salvation Abi and Lloyd have been waiting for? Or does he hold the darkest secrets of them all? 


As if The Pillowman and Pitchfork Disney had a baby… and that baby was really freaking evil. Please be warned that this show features musical numbers, real life unsolved mysteries, a corpse, demonic possession, an escaped child murderer, blood-based performance art and Wotsits sandwiches (on white bread)… A dark comedy play from the team behind The Twins Macabre


‘Delightfully freaky’The Telegraph


★★★★★ 'Blending the minds of the League of Gentlemen, the sass of The Rocky Horror Picture Show... with just a dash of perfection' -West End Wilma


★★★★★ 'Sinister, thoroughly engrossing and wickedly funny'LondonPubTheatres


★★★★ ‘They make you laugh even when your skin crawls.’ -The List


★★★★ ‘A darkly hilarious, nerve-jangling comedy rampage.’ -Broadway Baby



Friday 26th October at 9.30pm

Sunday 28th October at 3.00pm


TICKETS £10 (£8 for fellow lhf participants)

For further ticket information please click here or call 0333 012 4963 for all booking enquiries. 


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