ROLO DEVINE   05/09/01 to 12/09/11

We are very sorry to announce that Rolo passed away on Monday 12th September.

She had a short illness although she was showing signs of growing old and slowing down.

She spent her last night at a fabulous pet hospital in Cambridgeshire where she was looked after incredibly well.

The nurses nicknamed her “Elvis” because of her famous curled lip and toothy smile!

Her death was not expected, but came very suddenly, as she was nearly 10 (X7!)

She was such a loyal and loving dog to everyone and the Old Red Lion was her home until Lorcan passed away, and she retired with me and my family to our home in the Essex countryside where she saw more rabbits than people.

I will never forget the way she talked to me and even more so how she looked after me throughout my illness.

Her beautiful portrait hangs outside The Old Red and will remind us all what a fabulous companion and dog she was.

She is a family member that will be truly missed.

Please do send us your pictures of Rolo and your memories, and we shall put them up on this page...

Damien Devine

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