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magic circle

written by kim newman

presented by brother wolf in collaboration with harrogate theatre 

Produced by James Hyland
Directed by Phil Lowe

Music by Chris Warner

Costume Design by Charlene Braniff

Performed by Michael Shon and James Hyland

Circa 1970 – the Dawn of the Age of Ophiuchus, as faddish mysticism becomes something more dangerous. In a room in Calme Manor, blooded by an appalling ritual, a protective chalk circle has been drawn. Inside the circle sits Professor Harry Cutley, trendy academic and occultist, seemingly intent on undoing a dangerous spell cast by a former pupil. Outside the intangible barrier stands Inspector Nicholas Gammell, Nicker of the Yard, a rational detective with an unsolved case on his books and a suspect in his sights. Tonight, both men will seek answers to mysteries vast and colossal...


This sinister two-handed mystery play is the first full-length dramatic work for the theatre by renowned novelist Kim Newman, author of the critically acclaimed 'Anno Dracula' novels, starring award-winning actor/producer James Hyland and Michael Shon (of Brother Wolf's 'A Lesson from Auschwitz').



"some of the best acting I've seen on stage... truly epic" (UK THEATRE NETWORK)

"you are in for a treat... guaranteed to leave you breathless" (KULTGUY'S KEEP)

"I was on the edge of my seat... A must-see horror play!" ★★★★★ (BRITISH THEATRE JOURNAL)



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Running Time: 90 minutes approx.


Recommended for: Ages 12+



Monday 22nd October at 6.30pm


TICKETS £14.50

For further ticket information please click here or call 0333 012 4963 for all booking enquiries. 


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