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hubert is very dead


Holed up in their crumbling clifftop mansion, sisters Clarice and Gertie fear the impossible: their brother Hubert - killed years previously in a childhood game gone horribly wrong - has returned from the dead. 

Whether ghost, revenant, or something altogether more sinister, now Hubert wants to play some games of his own... 


A comically ink-black, chillingly melodramatic corkscrew of a play - served cold - with lashings of thunderclaps, spine-chills, and bad intentions. 



Red Cape Black Cape make theatre on E-numbers - loud, colourful and often sweaty, with winks, spills and twists aplenty. 


After their first London Horror Festival in 2017 with THE STOMACHING [we're still trying to get the stains out], they've got the bug [don't panic, it's not contagious *we think*] and are back again with a new nightmare to scare the Old Red Lion's unmentionables off. 


But this time, it's personal.



Tuesday 23rd - Wednesday 24th October at 7.00pm


TICKETS £8.50 (£7 concessions)

For further ticket information please click here or call 0333 012 4963 for all booking enquiries. 


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