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“And that’s when I turned around to see him, climbing out of my window, a bloody finger pressed to his lips…”


Do you want to rid your life of fear? Yes? Good. Then let renowned psychologist, Dr. Greenwood free you from the ghosts of your past as she takes you on a journey into the darkest depths of the human psyche. She promises there’s nothing to be afraid of…


A one-woman motivational talk which turns sour, ‘Les Enfant Terribles’ 2018 Award Nominees, Danse Macabre Productions bring you Fear Itself, a terrifying horror experience that’s like someone mixed a TED talk with an MR James Ghost Story and which reminds you that the scariest thing in the world is often your own imagination. (Unless you are being stalked by a demonic entity; because that is definitely scarier).



Since the dawn of time, human beings have told scary stories to confront their fears of what may be lurking under the bed. Adding their own unique twist to tales of humour, horror and fantasy; Danse Macabre Productions aim to make the dark that little bit lighter. With our ‘bloody tongue-in cheek’ style, innovative staging and surreal experimentation with genre, we promise it’ll be a ‘danse’ you’ll never forget. (Note: Please don’t expect dancing. You wouldn’t want to see that. Trust me.)



Sunday 7th October 2018 at 9.30pm



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