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big bad

by jodi gray


“Funny story. You know when you’re escorted by a policewoman from your place of work in handcuffs? Naked. Covered in blood.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Covered in someone else’s blood.

So embarrassing – handcuffs.”


Men had always wanted Susi, even before she'd realised the power of her body – her wildness had scared them and they wanted to tame her, keep her, control her. For years her animal instincts have kept her safe, but this time she’s made a mistake and now she's trapped, trying to figure out how to take back control before her time runs out.


We all like an excuse to be bad...



Big Bad by Jodi Gray, explores themes of dominance, resistance and sexuality within a site-responsive staging incorporating SFX to increase the audience’s experience of this blackly comic supernatural horror with BITE, powered by an all-female core creative team, including Deirdre McLaughlin and Sarah Morris, and starring Arabella Gibbons 


Winner of Outstanding New Work at Vault Festival 2018


'Big Bad is a masterclass in storytelling… Gray writes subtly animal inflections into the language, summoning an immediate, instinctual way of apprehending the world.' Exeunt Magazine


'A gruesome, bloody, beautiful depiction of the animal within us all' London Theatre 1 


The text is carefully crafted to feel whole, and complete. Nothing is forgotten – nothing is said without reason. The Spy in the Stalls 


'Big Bad is a powerful, disturbing and intriguing one-woman show that invites questions about sanity, morality and femininity, and leaves a horrible knot in the stomach.' A Younger Theatre



Wednesday 17th - Thursday 18th October at 7.00pm



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