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omar ibrahim: awokening - EDINBURGH PREVIEW


From emerging culturally relevant comic mind, Omar Ibrahim, comes his debut Edinburgh solo show: Awokening.


Awokening is a symposium of 'woke' voices simultaneously revealing their truth and idiocy. An assault on woke ideology, from a place of love. We hear from multiple voices, all with their own agenda: from the woke Guru who has awoken to the ultimate truth of systemic injustice via the post #MeToomen’s coach Pat Raki, and not forgetting the much maligned Straight White Man…


A cross genre blend of character, stand up and clown, it is a response to the culture wars and to woke comedy, a rallyagainst ideological thinking that allows people to see the ridiculousness and absurdity of extreme ‘wokeness’. 


If you don't agree with my views then you are a nazi*

*Nazi- a person who disagrees with you. Source-Wikiwoke



Running time: 60 minutes (no interval)

Age guidance: 14+ (features sexual description, swearing)



Monday 8th - Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 7.00pm



For further ticket information please click here or call 0333 012 4963 for all booking enquiries. 

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