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By Collette Cooper


In an era of oppression, rebellion, evolution and enlightenment, this is the story of a small-town girl’s remarkable journey: from an adolescent outcast to a musical icon. 

The true essence of the legendary 1960’s rock star Janis Joplin’s is captured and channelled by the critically-acclaimed, renowned singer-songwriter and actor Collette Cooper, in this one-woman play with a breath-taking live band and a whole host of surprises thrown in for good measure.

Set against the backdrop of a Woodstock-vibe music festival in the height of the Summer of Love, and backstage in her dressing room, Tomorrow May Be My Last marks a key moment in Janis Joplin’s all too brief existence: Collette Cooper’s embodiment of the psychedelic rock idol is deep and complex, painted with dark humour and glimmers of hope that candidly reveal Joplin’s troubled genius.

This immersive and astounding production features all of Joplin’s greatest hits (alongside original material), performed by Cooper and directed by award-winning director Niall Phillips, featuring some of the UK’s best session musicians, and choreographed by Dame Arlene Phillips – the result is a charged atmosphere, filled with liberal euphoria!

To spend an evening embroiled in Joplin’s exciting and tumultuous life makes for a rollercoaster ride of heightened emotions, ultimately resulting in the audience taking some of her magic with them in their hearts and souls.

Janis was a pioneer for women in a male dominated music world, a champion of civil rights, and an outspoken anti-war critic, promoting peace and love for everyone. Though set in the not too distant past, Tomorrow May Be My Last conjures up a plethora of feelings and contexts that run parallel and ring true to the present day.


Written by : Collette Cooper

Directed by : Niall Phillips



Janis Joplin played by: Collette Cooper

Featuring TSP:

Dave played by: Jan Simpson on drums 

Sam played by: Jack Parry on guitar 

James played by: Dan Malek on bass


Musical Directors – Mike Hanson and Jack Parry

Choreography by : Dame Arlene Phillips

Costumes by : Amanda Newall


This production is not associated with the estate of Janis Joplin



‘This piece is written with honesty and integrity, speaking from the heart of the era and from Joplin herself. Expect to be immersed in the birth of Aquarius – come dressed for the occasion! Collette Cooper (Janis Joplin) has you in her grasp from the moment she takes the stage.’
*****Fairy Powered Productions
‘Cooper captures the raucous, charismatic and defiant spirit of Joplin in a tour de force performance.’
‘Cooper is outstanding – you see Janis stripped bare and this was so well done that I felt tears hover before I was once again transported into the fabulous world of Janis on stage.’
‘To say that Cooper embodies Janis would be an understatement – she is possessed by her and through her passionate, powerful performance we are brought as close as it is possible to get an intimate, intense evening with our heroine.’
****The Peg
‘A powerful performance by Collette Cooper. The music is brash and ballsy and faithful to the original, and it’s as close as any of us are going to get to a real Janis Joplin concert.’
***Everything Theatre

Ticket information

Performance dates: May 24 – June 11

Performance time: 7.30 pm (Tuesday - Saturday)

Tickets: £19.50



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