Presented as a double bill

Streets apart and home burial

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Streets Apart 


Written by SHANE WHITE, directed by JOHN DUNNE and starring FIONA MONRO and CRAIG MYLES 

Kiera is living on the streets of London. Her story is similar to many others. Falling out with her family, wanting to move away from a suffocating atmosphere in Northern Ireland, she finds that losing her London flat and job is a fast-track to homelessness and rough sleeping. 

And then she comes across Phil, a city slicker heading for cocktails in a Camden wine bar. In passing, Phil pops a pound coin into her plastic cup – the worst charity donation ever! Kiera rounds on him with a tongue that drips with sarcastic wit and Phil marches off, only to return immediately. 

Thus follows a friendship of sorts. Clearly a quid was not going to solve Kiera’s problems and Phil’s attitudes to the homeless are severely challenged. Is this a love story? Hardly. But it is a story of a friendship that springs from the streets apart!


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Home Burial 


"One thing I care about is taking poetry as the first form of understanding. If poetry isn't understanding all, the whole world, then it isn't worth anything"  - Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)

Home Burial is a theatrical adaptation of the poems Home Burial (1914) and The Witch of Coös (1922) by the North American poet Robert Frost.

Using as a starting point Frost's saying that "giving anything a form gives you confidence in the universe", the play aims to pick up the pieces left shattered after nearly two years of pandemic by examining the themes of guilt, love and the supernatural. In The Witch of Coös a woman recalls the day when a skeleton escaped from the cellar and found his way to the attic. In Home Burial a couple deals with the impact of grief and the challenges of communication.

The work is the result of a collaboration between an international ensemble of London based theatre artists.

‘ … a delicate, small piece of theatre, but powerfully imagined and always intriguing.’   London Pub Theatres

With: Bethany Denham, Sofia Canosa, Felix Ryder, Jack Tivey

Direction, Adaptation & Design: Daniel Passi

Ticket Information

Performance dates: 23rd & 24th February

Tickets: £10

Time: 7pm

Both shows are 40 mins with a 15 min interval between shows

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