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The League of Gentlemen meets Jaws in this silly sinister seaside sketch show! 


Presented by 'Mr Forsyth' 

A MediumRare Production


Welcome to Plankton-On-Sea!

It’s your classic British seaside town: donkeys, deckchairs... and a deadly monster terrorising the shore!

Who will live, who will die, and who will lose their life savings at the penny arcades? Come on down to Plankton-on-Sea for the ideal family getaway - it's always a scream!

Written and performed by Jack Robertson, Alice Marshall and Ben Lydon. Praise for previous work:

It’s Behind You!
“It's fast, it's flithy, it's got as much front as Blackpool Beach - what's not to like?” ★★★★ London Pub Theatres

“Hilarious, sharp writing...a testament to British culture and humour” ★★★★ Voice Mag

Mistress to the Midnight
“Exceptional… a laugh in nearly every line” North West End
WINNER - Best Comedy Play - Manchester Fringe 2019

ticket information

Performance date: February 18th

Tickets: £10

Time: 8pm



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