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Prince Hal and Falstaff are in the pub. Outside, England is burning. 

This is no ordinary night of drinking. As the nation splits in two, Hal must sober up and confront his destiny while Falstaff seizes one last chance to graft himself to the future king.

Kaffe Keating and Joe Eyre bring their one-hour, two-man production of Henry IV to the Old Red Lion Theatre. This radical adaptation of Shakespeare’s text follows the friendship between two of his greatest characters, and charts the origin story of the man who will become Henry V.  

Audience feedback:

“An ingenious performance - funny yet full of politics and pathos. It felt like a night in the pub with best friends”

"Funny, skilful, moving, economic - a real treat.”


ticket information

Performance dates: March 2nd & 3rd

Tickets: £10

Time: 7.30pm

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