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by tim cook

“Look at this place. It’s eroding beyond repair. It’s falling apart at the seams.”

A political scandal erupts. A pier burns to the ground. A country turns to chaos.

Tom Crowe, a rising star of the Labour party, is thrown into a political scandal after an incident in a hotel room. Seeking to rebuilt his image, he returns to his seaside hometown to make amends. But what he finds there is even more disturbing - a fractured community on the verge of imploding, besieged by vandalism and rioting. Ultimately, he must decide what’s more important - his career or the future of the community he left behind?

Tremors is an urgent new play about integrity and the true cost of fighting for what you believe in, from award-winning Royal Court Young Writer Tim Cook.

This performance is presented as a script in hand rehearsed reading, and is kindly supported by New Writing South. 

Sunday November 27th at 7.30pm


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