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Explore the unexplained and the unexplainable with Professor Franklin Fitzroy-Smogg and Baron Gustav von Wraith. Since first meeting in 1888 at the European Institute of Parapsychology in Baden-Baden, Germany, the Professor and the Baron have toured Europe exposing fake mediums and spiritual charlatans.

Now you have an opportunity to join them at one of their famous ‘happenings’. Part lecture, part demonstration, they will not only lay bare the techniques used to deceive the vulnerable and overly credulous but also take you through their most baffling and downright disturbing cases. They will conduct a series of thrilling experiments with – and on – you, their ‘witnesses’.

From psychometry to spirits; from tarot cards to the ouija board; from numerology to séance, join them as they search for conclusive proof of the existence of the ‘other realm’.

Written and performed by magicians and actors Jasper Blakeley and Frank E. Haschka, The Vienna Experiment is a funny and thrilling theatrical event that will chill, delight and amaze in equal measure.

Saturday October 29th at 3pm

TICKETS £15.00 (£12.00 concessions)

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