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Welcome to The Odd Box, a kaleidoscopic collection of strange characters, peculiar stories and weird goings on...

Ahead of her residency at The Old Red Lion, Mary Beth Morossa presents a dark, surreal and whimsical palette of storytelling. From poetry to comedy, mime to interactive role play games, The Odd Box contains some of London's most exciting weirdos:

THE STORY BEAST (Fosters Comedy Award Nominated hullabaloo from John Henry Falle (also of The Beta Males))
PAUL FLANNERY (Dungeon Master and beardy bloke from Knightmare Live! & The M.M.O.R.P.G Show)
MEGAN FORD (Joker. Feminasty. American trash)
H. P. LOVEBOX (Direct from R'lyeh, it's the nations favourite betentacled creep)
CARROLL & HODGSON (Groteque, shameless, vodka connoisseurs)
ABNORMALIK (Abstract weaver of dreams and nightmares. Mostly nightmares)

With pop up performances from Mary Beth Morossa (just to make sure everyone is sufficiently creeped out) and even more special guests to be announced!  Mary Beth will be presenting a double bill of her solo shows Carnival of Crows & Greywing House from 30th Sep - 3rd Oct.

28th September at 7.30pm


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