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The Men Who Made Frankenstein


Would you willingly go to your death if you were guaranteed to live again?


1717: On the eve of their executions, Edward and Margaret are offered the chance of resurrection. It’s a no-brainer. Thetrapdoors open, the ropes snap tight… and they wake, haunted, alive. But their relief is soon snuffed out, for rescue demands payment. The currency is simple: healthy body parts, ready for transplant.


2017: Arctic researchers discover a devastated corpse in an ice bank. Dissection reveals the impossible: the creature was built, not born. Everyone knows Frankenstein is just a story, so who created the corpse, and why?


Where did the body parts come from?

Who were the men who made Frankenstein?


An original take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale, The Men Who Made Frankenstein is a grim body horror exploring the origins of Frankenstein’s body bits.


Saturday 21st October at 9:30pm and Sunday 22nd October at 7pm

tickets £10 (£9 concession)

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