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The Buried Moon


A world premiere written by Laura Turner - The Buried Moon - Miranda and Caliban reimagined

A young woman struggling to relate to her father after her mother’s death, goes out to the marshes one night to take her own life. She is saved by a monstrous looking young man - Caliban - an a friendship and romance is born between them. 

Inspired by the theory that the character of Caliban in The Tempest was informed by folklore legends of the wetland creatures that want the Lincolnshire fenlands, The Buried Moon is an exploration, reimagining and re-appropriation of the Miranda/Caliban dynamic from Miranda’s perspective set in the Lincolnshire fen communities of today.


Written by Laura Turner
Directed by Jake Smith 
Cal: Michael Kinsey
Miranda: Georgina Hellier 
Composition by Alex Ayling
Produced by Petersfield Shakespeare Festival

Response from it's recent run at the Rose Playhouse, Bankside:


Jake Smith has directed an honest, forthright drama, and this is a well-acted exploration of contemporary concerns - British Theatre Guide

As Cal, Michael Kinsey is wonderful, he is animated and wrought with emotion, with a little mischievousness thrown in. - Theatre Weekly ★★★★★

Georgina Hellier as Miranda brings a gentleness to the role that’s hard not to adore, and in the very short moments where she sings, it’s as if everything else in the world has paused - Theatre Weekly ★★★★★

Laura Turner has crafted a shining example of modernised Shakespeare done right - Bakchormeeboy

The Buried Moon is a new work, a haunting, elegiac riff on the notions which underpin the story of Miranda and Caliban. In Jake Smith’s elegant production, it offers superb performances and bruising melancholy - Live Theatre ★★★★

Jake Smith has directed a really beautiful play, Shakespeare fans will revel in the reimagining, while those unfamiliar with the Bard need not worry - Theatre Weekly ★★★★★



23rd - 28th May 
Tuesday - Sunday 7:30pm and Saturday and Sunday matinee at 4pm

tickets: £12 Standard / £10 Concession

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