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Mister Mushroom


First came the flash. Then, the sound. Then, the heat. Obliteration. And that was only the beginning. Now the work begins.


Something terrible has transformed Little Spewling into a smoking toxic necropolis. Now, a solitary rider picks their way through the ruined streets, bent on cleaning up this small town once and for all.

But there is a monstrous evil lurking in the darkness - and it is growing stronger... 

MISTER MUSHROOM is a sickly, shocking, and suspenseful new play from The Fallen Institute, premiering at the London Horror Festival. It depicts a world of desperation and extremity, desolation and horror - a chilling and twisted parable for a nuclear age. 


Tuesday 31st October 2017 - Thursday 2nd November 2017

tickets £9 (£7 concession)

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