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The Literary Department

We are continually looking for new, theatrically literate plays which both embrace and challenge the possibilities of the ORL stage, and help us reassess the way we live today.

We accept both solicited and unsolicited scripts from writers based in the UK and Ireland.  We welcome new plays from International playwrights however please note we can only accept scripts that are  either solicited or that come with a letter of recommendation.

We are not currently open for submissions. Please follow us on Twitter @ORLTheatre for news on the next submission window opening.


Submitted scripts are read by a professional team of Playwrights, Directors, Performers and Designers, and discussed at a monthly script meeting where writers we'd like to develop a relationship with are identified.

We aim to respond to every writer within 2 months of their original submission, however, we do not have the resources to provide detailed feedback and/or dramaturgy for all submissions made to the ORL. The ORL does not receive any private or public subsidy and as such, the way we move forward with a writers work will depend entirely on the opportunities available to the theatre or whether the script is currently attached  to a Director or Producing team.

Please include the following details when sending your play to the ORL Literary Department.

  • Your name.
  • Contact telephone number.
  • E­mail address.
  • Agent details (if applicable).
  • The script in either Word or .pdf format.
  • Your script will not be read if it is not in this format.
  • Please include a title page and page numbers in the script.
  • Information about current funding and whether the production is attached to a Producer/Director.

Please NOTE

  • We cannot accept more than two examples of a writer’s work.
  • New drafts and/or amendments cannot be considered once a play is being considered by the Literary team.
  • We do not accept scripts written for television, film or radio, treatments or incomplete works, musicals, plays not in the English Language (translations are welcome) or scripts that have already been read by the Literary Department.
  • Proposals for revivals of plays that already have a demonstrable history of performance must be made directly to the Artistic Director, Stewart Pringle via
  • We look forward to reading your work!

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