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DOUBLE BILL: James Hamilton Is So Lonely & James Hamilton Is So Pregnant


Triple award winning sketch comedian James Hamilton (creator of critically acclaimed sketch group Casual Violence and podcast sitcom Hector Vs The Future; regular writer for Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel) presents a double bill of solo adventures for the price of one.

First, join James for a forlorn, twisted tangle of tomfoolery, time travel and terrible people in James Hamilton Is So Lonely - the one-off revival of his smash hit debut solo hour, dubbed "One of the best comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe” - The Skinny. When James discovers a pair of mysterious goggles that allow him to witness his own future, he attempts to use them to win the heart of his one true love. Predictably, he buggers everything up.

After an interval, James will debut the first ever work-in-progress of James Hamilton Is So Pregnant.  It’s true: he’s due to give birth to his newborn baby tonight, live in front of you. But don't worry - by the time his first child literally emerges from his body, you'll be totally convinced James is gonna be a great dad. 

Expect answers to questions like "Who's the mum?", and "Do I really have to watch you give birth live on stage? That sounds gross.” 

Do not expect answers to questions like "How did you get pregnant when you don't even have a uterus?" 


One of the most exciting and talented comics on the circuit, both as part of a group or as a solo performer - Brighton Argus


Monday 30th October 2017 at 7pm and 9:30pm

tickets £10 

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