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There are a number of routes to getting your work on the stage at the ORL. We programme full-runs of between 3 and 4 weeks, as well as shorter runs of between two weeks and one night. For longer runs, we tend to plan up to 6 months in advance, often longer.


We are particularly interested in New Work and Re-Interpretations of plays we might not have seen for a while.

To propose a new project for one of our seasons, we require the following information:

  • Information about your creative and production team
  • A copy of the most recent draft of the script (if one exists)
  • A brief outline of the project and why it excites you
  • Whether the project has some funding in place
  • Preferred dates and length of run
  • Any reviews from previous work
  • An answer to the question, “Why the ORL?”

Send your proposal to Katy Danbury -

Please allow 4 weeks for your proposal to be read and processed. We are not able to provide feedback on submissions other than whether or not it is suitable for our programming.

Priority must be given to projects that already have a production and/or funding in place.



We have a Literary Department that engages with new plays that are currently un-attached and un-funded.

If you are a writer, with a new play that you feel might suit the ORL, have a read of our Literary page, and send us a copy.

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