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BY J. J. Bayliss

‘I was born on November 13th 1669.’

‘Really? So what are you, a vampire or a Time-Lord?’

'...The first one!'

Mariana and Ricky have been working together in the hospital haematology department for a year and have become inseparable friends. Inevitably, Cupid begins slowly weaving his magic and it is only a matter of time before they give in to it. Late one night, after a drunken Xmas party, Mariana is showing Ricky around a broken down old church currently being restored by her uncle John. She decides that this is where she will finally confess herlove and just hope that Ricky feels the same way. Having been unlucky in love for most of his life, Ricky is a little cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. But that will be the smallest obstacle they face tonight. The fact that Mariana is over three hundred years old, has to change her identity every decade and consume human blood to survive may prove a little more difficult to negotiate. And of course there is another problem... Mariana’s uncle John! A man who has little desire to make new friends and who will stop at nothing to protect what little family he has left.

Join Mari, Ricky and John during the most pivotal hour of their lives. Where long buried secrets linger in every corner and loyalties are pushed to the limit.

‘John, I want to make him one of us. I’m willing to take the risk. He’s... he’s different.’‘No, they are all the same. All but us.’

Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th October at 7.00pm

TICKETS £10.00 (£9.00 concessions)

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